About the Service

  • What is Memories for Life?
    Memories for Life is a service provided by HDFC Life to enable people to leave behind more for their loved ones: Financial security is just one part of providing for your family. They also need your advice and guidance.
  • Who can use this service?
    This service is open to everyone, whether HDFC policy holder or not.


  • Do I need to register to use this service?
    You do not need to be a policy holder to explore this service. To send or schedule a message, HDFC Life Policy holders can login using their registered email id or their Client ID. If you are not an HDFC Life Policy Holder, you will need to register with us using your email ID and create your Memories for Life account.
  • How will my ID be authenticated?
    We will send a pass code to the email ID you provide us. You can verify your account by entering this pass code on the Memories for Life platform. Please note that provision of mobile number is not mandatory. However, we recommend that you share it with us for greater ease of communication.
  • What if the intended recipient is a minor?
    You will have to send the message to an adult (person of age 18 years or above) who is either a parent or a registered guardian of the minor for whom it is intended. The parent/ guardian can then use his/her discretion to screen the message and share it with them in person, or create an account on their behalf.
  • I have forgotten my pass code. How do I access my Memories for Life account?
    You can have a new pass code sent to your email address by selecting the “Resend” option while logging in.
  • I received an email informing me about a message created for me. I’ve lost the email. How do I view my message?
    You need to sign up for Memories for Life using that same email address. You will then be able to view all messages created for you in your Inbox.

Message Related

  • How do I create messages?
    You have two options: You can record a video (up to 30 sec in duration) or, alternatively, upload up to 3 photographs with accompanying text. You will have the option to choose a background template from a variety of options provided, which will also have background music associated with it. We will then create a video message out of this for you.
  • Are there any limits to the number of messages I can send?
    Yes. You may not send more than 10 messages a day in total and not more than 5 messages to one particular person.

Delivery Related

  • What are the scheduling options available?
    You can choose to either send out your message immediately after creation or schedule it to be sent at a future date. If you want to schedule it, you must choose a date within the next 10 years, up to the year 2026 as of now. In both cases, the message will be accessible for the next 1 year after delivery.
  • How is my message going to get delivered?
    You will be asked to enter your recipient’s contact details and either send it immediately or choose a future date and time. In both cases, a link to the message will be delivered to the recipient through email and SMS (if number has been provided).
  • How can I know whether my message has gotten delivered or not?
    Once the message has been sent out, we will inform you as well as the recipient.
  • Where can I see all my messages?
    We have provided you with an Inbox and an Outbox where you can view all the messages you’ve received and sent/scheduled respectively. You can login by clicking on “View Message” to see these messages.
  • Can I edit and/or reschedule a message?
    Yes. As long as the message has not been sent out, you can modify, reschedule or delete it.
  • If I delete a message from my Outbox, will it be deleted from the recipient’s outbox as well?
    We do not offer such syncing facilities.


  • Somebody has sent me a message I find offensive. What can I do?
    You can report the message using the ‘Report Abuse’ button. It will be immediately taken down.
  • I have some more queries about this service. Who shall I contact?
    Do write in to us at memoriesforlife@hdfclife.com and we will respond to your query.